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Vulgar in the best possible way! - Edmonton Journal

Ridiculous fun stuffed into a sequined jockstrap! - VUE Weekly (Edmonton)

Thanks to BoylesqueTO, Toronto's been introduced
to a whole new kind of sexy. - Metro Toronto

Beautiful art and powerful commentary on the nature of sex,
masculinity, and gender. - Canadian Theatre Review

Founded in Toronto in 2008, BoylesqueTO is proud to be Canada's premiere boylesque troupe. This talented group of dancers, actors, and performance artists has been busting their buns to strip down masculinity to its bare essentials for your viewing pleasure! A BoylesqueTO show is guaranteed to leave you hot under the collar, howling with laughter, and screaming for more!

Since their inception, the boys have really taken off (pun intended)! They've mounted dozens of sold out shows, performed at countless festivals, events, and parties around the world, and have been featured on television and in print. They have appeared at The Life Ball in Vienna; The Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas; The Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto; The New York and Vienna Boylesque Festivals, The Vancouver, Stockholm, Montreal, Paris, Toronto, Boston, and Chicago Burlesque Festivals; the Edmonton and Orlando Fringe Theatre Festivals; and Toronto and Ottawa Pride.


In 2014, they starred in Logo TV's documentary I'm A Stripper: Boylesque and they scandalized the nation two years before that on Canada's Got Talent. They've been covered in print and online at outlets such as The Toronto Star, Xtra, Details Magazine, Canadian Theatre Review, NOW Magazine, Metro, VUE Weekly, Edmonton Journal, Watermark, and many more. In 2018 they competed at the Burlesque Hall of Fame's 28th Annual Tournament of Tease in Las Vegas and won the coveted award of Most Comedic.

During the Pandemic, the troupe kept busy with a bevy of online productions, including recurring digital shows Stay Homo and Naked Boys Eating as well as creating a series of sexual health PSAs for the Gay Men's Sexual Health Alliance.

Past Live Productions: 

  • Boy, Oh, Boy! (2008)

  • Boys Under the Big Top (2009)

  • Be Mein Valentine (2009-2015) - co-production with Skin Tight Outta Sight

  • Dead Sexy: A Funeral for Church Street (2010)

  • Class Dismissed (2013)

  • Boylympics: Cold Sports, Hot Men (2014)

  • Between the Cheeks: Boylesque Exposed (2015)

  • Voulez Vous Valentine (2016-2017) - co-production with Skin Tight Outta Sight

  • Oh Manada (2010-present, 2015 Edmonton Fringe Festival, 2016 Orlando Fringe Festival)

  • Mo' Manada (2017 Orlando Fringe Festival, 2017 Edmonton Fringe Festival)

  • Veni Vidi Valentine (2018) - co-production with Skin Tight Outta Sight

  • A Briefs History of Time (2018 Edmonton Fringe Festival, 2019 Orlando Fringe Festival)

  • Northern Touch (2019 Edmonton Fringe Festival)

  • Boylesque at the Barn (2021-2022 Hayloft Dancehall, Prince Edward County)

  • Love Squirts (2023)

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