nakedly corrupt

Nakedly Corrupt:
A Shameless Corporate Marketing Ploy

June 22 at 8:30pm EST on GDTV

Zoom Meeting ID: gladday

Password: 1970

This Pride season, come get scammed by BoylesqueTO! Drop some dollars on some queermosexual artists that are definitely not sponsored by any big banks—though we totally would be! (Give us some money big financial institutions, would you?)

Lay down some bills on these butts and we’ll call it a sponsorship opportunity! For the right amount of money, you can insert your rainbow logo wherever you want—and we mean WHEREVER you want! For an even larger amount of money, we’ll even give you naming rights to BoylesqueTO’s next member!


$17 cocktails, 2hr lineups, a drag queen headliner that shows up 45 minutes late and does 3 numbers.


Starring the always money-thirsty cast of BoylesqueTO:

El Toro
James & The Giant Pasty
Kuya Atay
Wrong Note Rusty
Newfound Lad
Ginger Darling
Shagina Twain
Balonia Wry