Stay Homo:

Butts Actually

Dec 17 at 8:30pm EST on GDTV

Zoom Meeting ID: gladday

Password: 1970

Sleigh, girl, sleigh! This holiday season, in the year of Our Great Quar and Saviour Sneezes Christ, BoylesqueTO invites you to tune in to a very Mary holigay special! Because Christmas is what? ORNAMENTAL!


  • The gift that keeps on giving you a weird rash, El Toro!

  • Wishing you a happy Hannu-cock, James & The Giant Pasty!

  • Doffing now his gay apparel, Kuya Atay!

  • Hung with care and ready to stuff your stocking, Newfound Lad!

  • The one fruitcake you won’t regret biting into, Tygr Wily!

  • And… greasing up his North Pole and coming down your chimney, Wrong Note Rusty!


With special musical guest Shirley Gnome! 


Hosted by:

  • A gingerbread sweetie guaranteed to make the Yuletide gay, Anne with a D!

  • Underneath the mistletoe, come and kiss her cameltoe, Dr. Tushie Fannybottom!

  • The ghost of Xmas Yet To Cum, Imperator Furry Rosa!


...plus surprise guests!